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I had the opportunity to attend HAI after I had attended another school in town about 3 years prior. The education I got at HAI was on a completely different level from the initial school. I recognized that I needed to improve upon my skills and got bodywork from another therapist in town; she was doing work that I had never seen or felt before. So, I asked her where she learned all these amazing techniques and she told me from the Healing Arts Institute. I am so thankful for the training I received and the work I now use on all my clients.

– Krista Olson

I researched several schools before deciding on HAI. One of the things that stood out for me with HAI was that several people I had spoken to said, “The best massage I have ever received has been from an HAI graduate.” That spoke volumes to me. I was immediately struck by the supportive nature of the office staff and directors at HAI during my interview and as a student. They are committed to not only teaching you how to be the best Massage Therapist you can be, but to assist you in meeting your goals as a student and as a graduate. The teaching quality of the instructors is excellent. I found the instructors to be sincere, knowledgeable and experienced. They make it their goal to not only instruct you on the materials but to impart thinking and problem solving from an ‘outside the box’ perspective to give your clients the most beneficial experience possible. I will always appreciate my time with HAI.

– Jen Letham

I have nothing but praises for The Healing Arts Institute (HAI). I went to school there back in 2001 and went on to open multiple massage therapy clinics in Colorado and Delaware. The tools I learned at HAI in both therapy with their Body Insight technique and in business have been an absolute blessing. If you are looking for a massage therapy school in Colorado I can’t say enough about HAI. I’ve had the opportunity to take educational courses at HAI and other schools in Colorado and I keep being pulled back to HAI, they just seem to have better educational strategies for me personally. I highly recommend checking them out if you are serious about going to school for massage and receiving the absolute best education you can.

– Zachary Meiu

This is the best school! I graduated in 2000 and have had an amazing career. Loved the classes, the teachers were fantastic, and the education you walk away with is impossible to find elsewhere.

– Kathryn Cruise

Healing Arts Institute is a one of a kind school! I made the best decision of my life by going there. Fresh out of school working at Gold’s Gym as the massage therapist, bodybuilders were lined up at the door when they saw what I was able to do from what I have learned at this amazing school. I highly recommend it!

– Cannon Meyer

The best decision I’ve made in my life. I loved the way each of the teachers taught to students’ individual learning styles. The program gave me what I needed.

– Beth Carlson

All of the teachers were very good. They were more than willing to do whatever it took to make sure you learn.

– CJ Groomes

Awesome experience! Exactly what I was looking for. The whole Body-Mind approach intrigued me. I feel that I couldn’t get this anywhere else. How many schools do you go to where the teachers care about each and every student? The teachers all cared. All had the same attitude and worked as a team.

– Cindy Monahan

I felt supported by everyone. I was so afraid at first, but the comfortable environment really helped my confidence. Everyone has such a great attitude.

– Elvia Romero-Vargas

I graduated from the Healing Arts Institute in 2010. I was attracted to the school because of their reputation in neuromuscular therapy and specifically the Body Insight Method. It was the best choice I ever made. The instructors were amazing and the technical skills I learned at HAI blended beautifully with my yoga and movement therapy background. I left school confident in my skills and the direction I was heading.

Currently, I reside year-round in a very small, seasonal community in rural Alaska. Town is open from May 15 to September 15 every year. During this time, the town sees an influx of roughly 200 seasonal residents and 6,000 to 8,000 tourists. My business operates from April to October. Surprisingly, tourists comprise less than 5% of my client base and the schedule is booked out 2-3 weeks. This small town is home to three, sometimes four, other practicing therapists during the season, all great and with different modalities. I have a reputation of practicing NMT and expecting that clients do the follow-up self-care assignments. (One of the benefits of living in such as small town is knowing who’s doing their homework and who isn’t.) It excites me to think about the changes I’ve seen in people over the years. Business has continued to grow steadily and, for the past two seasons, I’ve been fortunate to have the assistance of another HAI graduate, Dana Roberts. She’s been a lifesaver! In addition to bodywork, I teach one or two yoga classes per week during the season.

In the off-season, I spend my time on life chores (wood, water, cabin building), skiing, and traveling. On occasion, during the winter months, I travel with the table to a handful of communities in Alaska, spending about a week in each place. Some of these are on the road system, some are only accessible by plane. I also try to make it to Colorado for continuing education and my HAI fix.

Every day I pinch myself to make sure this life is real. I feel so fortunate to be financially stable doing what I love where I love. Thanks to HAI for giving me the foundation to make it happen. – Stephanie Sever

I have been here many times now and the quality and professionalism are top notch. They get in depth with what’s ailing you. Very high quality massage therapists. I have left feeling much better each time.

– Daniel Lockwood

I had a sports massage with Tiffany and she did an incredible job! I felt more loose immediately, and was not as sore as expected the following days. Great school, great work!

– Lisa Underhill

Excellent. The student clinical massages are WONDERFUL. The staff, the students are so highly knowledgeable, it’s really comforting and relieving. The massage experience was more than excellent! Claire, who was my massage therapist today, found knots I never knew about and not only that she made them disappear! I could feel the muscle knot-lumps dissipate with the motions it was amazing. I seriously feel like I’ve lost weight off of my back, shoulders, legs, neck, everywhere!! They’ve definitely inspired me to attend this school as a student. I’ll be enrolling for this upcoming spring for sure!! Thank you Healing Arts Institute!!!! I shall be back!

– Megumi Araseki

I go there twice a month for their excellent student clinic. They get to practice what they are learning and you get a well-executed, inexpensive massage. A coach comes in for a few minutes to assess their technique. Afterwards, they ask you for written feedback so they can improve. Results vary, but my experience has ranged from good to excellent.

– Kathy Carlson

We’ve hired more HAI graduates than any other school in the state because they just simply know what they’re doing. We do have some other therapists that we hired from other schools. We’re very picky on hiring those people if they did not come from this school (HAI) and the therapists that do come from here adapt to our training very, very fast.

– Zachary Meiu, owner, Medical Massage of the Rockies

We see a lot of different graduates from a lot of different schools, and the Healing Arts Institute graduates really know their neuromuscular work and their Body Insight. We have a lot of people who call into the clinic and ask to see a Healing Arts graduate because it’s so well known within the community. They come to us prepared. Prepared for their careers, not just another job. Their true careers and what they want to do with their life.

– Karen Michel, owner, Massage Envy

Insurance companies are really looking for results. Healing Arts Institute graduates provide results.

—Kendra Melson, owner, KineticWise Medical Massage & Integrative Health

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