About the Healing Arts Institute

Our Mission: To inspire effective, successful, and caring professionals who have developed the confidence to learn and grow from the diverse, experiential education we offer in the healing arts.

Healing Arts Institute is a locally owned and operated massage therapy school in Fort Collins, Colorado. We have been training massage therapists from all walks of life from Northern Colorado, Wyoming, and beyond using the Body Insight Method™ since 1991. Whether you’re looking to become a massage therapist part time because you want flexibility or you’re ready to dive in to a full time career, we offer a fun, personalized learning environment to give you the education you need to become an exceptional massage therapist and have an amazing career.

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Who We Are

The Healing Arts Institute is a passionate, professional group of massage therapy practitioners who are dedicated to sharing their experience in the craft they love to train new therapists. Learn more about our teachers »

Led by owners Gary and Cheryl Salinger, we teach students the art of massage combined with good people and business skills.

Gary Salinger has worked in the field of massage for 30 years. Inspired when massage helped his spinal curve from scoliosis reduce by 20 degrees, he developed his own method of massage and bodywork. Outlined in his book Body Insight™ Integrative Neuromuscular Therapy, this method serves as one of the HAI core teachings.

Cheryl Salinger brings a background of health science, business management, and massage therapy to HAI.

Together, they offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to HAI students.

Our Approach in Teaching Massage Therapy

The Healing Arts Institute is not just another massage school. Between the transformative Body Insight Method™ we teach, our experienced instructors, and our inviting classroom environment, we make learning the art of massage therapy a fun and enjoyable experience. Our goal is to give you a competitive advantage through a top-tier education and a foundation from which you can grow a successful career.

  • Our student-centered approach offers individualized attention and experience, caring support, and an orientation toward personal growth to help make you a better therapist.
  • Our comprehensive, flexible curriculum exceeds the guidelines outlined by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and will teach you relaxation and corrective massage techniques, sports and deep tissue neuromuscular massage, ethics and business training, anatomy and physiology, and the relationship of mind and body.
  • Our value-driven, 600-hour massage therapy school is affordable and offers flexible payment options, plus convenient day and evening programs designed to work within your schedule.
  • Our teachers, who are all practicing massage and bodywork therapists with extensive and diverse practical experience in the field and a commitment to sharing their experience, provide dynamic, imaginative, and experiential individualized instruction tailored to your learning style.
  • Our supervised student clinic provides valuable hands-on experience and real-world feedback from working with the public and knowledgeable input from instructors.
  • Our successful graduates gain a competitive advantage by being fully prepared with a variety of massage techniques and business practices, and consistently obtain rewarding jobs in a variety of professional settings worldwide.

Our Teaching Methods

At HAI, we teach you how to compete in the world of massage therapy. You’ll learn the skills and benefits of classic relaxation massage how to meet the needs and expectations of clients who want a therapist to help them relax, as well as soothe their aches, pains, and injuries.

When you study with us, we’ll help you understand how you learn and embody information. To work with students with all learning styles, we designed our classes multi-dimensionally. For example, we teach anatomy using more than just lectures and visual aids. You will touch and palpate muscles on yourself and on fellow students so you can feel how the muscles actually work. You will use clay to create muscles and “sculpt” the human body, giving you a deeper understanding of how muscles attach to bones and function together to move bones and joints.

We will help you discover your hidden talents and abilities by teaching you how to focus your intention and healing energy. You will learn to recognize the subtle nuances that clients express when they are stressed and in pain. Many of your future clients will be amazed at how quickly your hands will go directly to where they are tense and how quickly you are able to relieve their aches and pains.

Get to Know Us!

Contact us to set up a time to visit and get to know us. We are confident that once you experience our comfortable and relaxed learning environment, you will decide that HAI is the right school for you.
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