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Providing a competitive advantage with the recent growth of the massage therapy industry, massage therapist graduates now have a great deal of competition when it comes to securing a rewarding position and creating a successful career. In order to have a competitive advantage, you need an education that goes beyond the basics to give you skills and insights that make you stand out.

HAI stands out as one of the most unique Colorado massage therapy schools. Our Massage Therapy Program includes Body Insight™, a breakthrough deep tissue approach you simply cannot get at other schools. This unique neuromuscular method is focused on the relationship of the mind and body by exploring how stress is internalized in the muscles and how to target these muscles to release stress. You’ll be able to utilize movement during the corrective manipulation to help re-educate the client about correct movement and posture, returning proper function faster than classic corrective therapy. Once you master Body Insight™, you will not just be another massage therapy school graduate, you’ll have a distinct advantage over many other therapists because you’ll create real, lasting results with your clients.

We are dedicated to teaching massage and giving our students the confidence they need to succeed.

  • We offer a focused and flexible curriculum that allows you to specialize in different areas of massage.
  • Our Massage Therapy School Faculty are caring, experienced, professional, dedicated practitioners of massage therapy.
  • HAI offers a well-rounded education that lets you learn and experience the major modalities that the field offers:
Relaxation Massage
Corrective Bodywork
Integrative Massage
Mind/Body Therapy
Personal Growth
Energy work
Treatment Protocols
Neuromuscular Therapy
Movement Therapies
Chair Massage
Pregnancy Massage

We offer 600 hours of training because we are confident that it is more than enough hours to train excellent therapists and you can be earning a living while others are still in school.