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The demand for skilled, educated spa therapists is increasing as the spa industry grows. Spa directors prefer hiring candidates with this type of specific training and experience.

Self-employed therapists will be able to immediately use these methods at home, offering diversity to clients and greatly increasing income potential.

For our most current offerings, click here (PDF).

The following are some of the courses for the Spa Therapy Training program:

Course Title Hours Tuition
Aromatherapy Lymphatic Massage 15 $275
This soothing rhythmical massage combines gentle strokes with the healing aromas of essential oils. Stimulates the lymphatic system, cleanses the skin and detoxifies the body.
Aromatherapy Blending 1 8 $140
Create your own aromatherapy blends! Barb will show you how to blend essential oils for your own special needs such as, creating a comfortable environment, relieving stress, or alleviating symptoms.
Aromatherapy Blending 2 10 $180
These classes will teach you about the properties of carrier oils and essential oils, how to use them, and how to blend them for the best results. Make your own blends in this hands-on class. Learn about the many physical, mental & emotional applications of essential oils.
Abhyanga Massage 20 $300
A luxurious hot oil treatment that gives you something totally new to offer to your clients. It de-stresses and provides deep relaxation for the whole body.
Seaweed & Salt Glo 16 $225
These treatments are used in most spas and are designed for you to use in a home practice. Fee includes seaweed masque, body polish, and a reuseable therapeutic wrap.
Hot Stone Therapy 8 $160
Penetrating into tight muscles and releasing them quickly, Hot Stone Massage includes a deeply relaxed meditative state that feels marvelous. Great for releasing those problem knots in the neck and shoulders.
Please contact the school for additional information on these classes!
Elective Classes are approved by the Colorado Division of Private Occupational Schools.
Not approved by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools.