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The Healing Arts Institute Massage Therapy Program prepares the student to practice as a professional massage therapist in the State of Colorado. It is Accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools, (ABHES). This 600 hour program combines Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage with a BodyMind™ approach so that graduates are able to provide a variety of therapeutic massage techniques. It focuses on therapeutic communication skills that increase clients’ awareness of their long-term health and well-being, leading to real and lasting change in their lives. All of our 600 hr. 36 week program is taught on-site and includes a balance of classroom, laboratory and clinical experiences.

The program is based on the American Massage Therapy Association guidelines for massage schools and meets the national school average of hours in massage education. HAI graduates receive a 600 hour certificate and are prepared for national certification testing with either the MBLEx from the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB). or the National Certification Board For Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).

Program Features
The Body Insight Method™ is offered exclusively at the Healing Arts Institute. Gary Salinger, the founder of HAI developed this bodywork method that combines deep tissue therapy, active movement and active awareness. This results in improved posture, and smoother and more coordinated movement. Clients experience the change and become more involved in maintaining their own health. Body Insight™ gives HAI graduates a dependable tool that they can rely on and offers the competitive advantage needed to stand out in the field.

The Business Classes teach you how to be flexible and adaptable enough to work in various environments. Our supervised clinic assists you in developing the confidence you need to start your new career and discover your own niche in the industry.

Successful therapists combine the artistic elements and the science of massage. Our BodyMind approach helps you develop the intuitive awareness to “read” the minimal cues that clients express when they are physically and emotionally stressed.

HAI’s Movement Classes teach you to protect your body. How you move and apply pressure will keep you in practice for many years to come or, if not done correctly, could be the reason you burn out too soon. You will learn how to apply pressure without force, how to correct any personal imbalanced postural habits while you are in school so that giving massage will energize you.

The 600 hour program prepares you to sit for the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) and the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) National Certification Tests.

We love teaching massage and bodywork at our Colorado massage therapy school. You will learn how to flow in harmony with your client to provide deep relaxation and the conditions for healing to take place.

Course Title Hours
Healing Arts Program Orientation


We want to introduce you to the exciting field of massage therapy and body work. The seminar gives an overview of our program and what to expect as a student. It helps you focus and clarify your goals by asking essential questions that are specific to this field.
Required before the start of the program.


Movement and Body Awareness


Movement Therapy techniques are blended into our program so you’ll know how to apply pressure without putting strain on your own body. Our instructors work with you to adjust your posture, so you have a better understanding and “felt sense” of what correct posture is.HAI takes it a step further by teaching you how to apply these techniques for the benefit of you and your clients. You’ll find that performing massage therapy with the correct mechanics reduces the chance of injury. It takes less energy and provides you with the foundation for a long and rewarding career in massage after attending our Colorado massage therapy school. Course also covers the scientific principles of movement kinesiology, the physiology of breathing, proper mechanics for on-site (chair) massage and patient transfer from wheelchair to table.
Prerequisite: Massage 1 or Concurrent Attendance. 


Professional Massage 1


This is the introduction to the field of massage. You will quickly develop the quality of your touch by focusing on texture, tone, tightness and the temperature of the people you work on. By the end of class, you will understand what it is like to be a massage therapist and be able to perform a complete full body Swedish massage. Other topics covered include the following: anatomy, movement theory, body mechanics, contra-indications, physiological benefits of massage, sanitation, hygiene, draping, oils/lotions and professional ethics.
Prerequisite: Healing Arts Program Orientation.


Professional Massage 2


This course teaches you advanced integrative techniques. Students will learn how to apply the proper use of contact, rhythm, and pressure, along with assessment skills to assist in choosing the type of massage a client needs in the moment. You will learn acupressure, explore client therapist relationships, more anatomy, stretching, energy work and integrative massage.
Prerequisite: Massage 1, Movement & Body Awareness or Concurrent Attendance.

Professional Massage 3


In this class you will learn cross-fiber manipulation, hydrotherapy, ice massage, vascular flushing, trigger point therapy, chair massage, pregnancy massage, and more anatomy and pathology. In addition, we will teach you how to develop therapeutic regimens, present case studies, and help you focus on clinical outcomes so you are more comfortable working with doctors, chiropractors and other medical professionals.
Prerequisite: Sports Massage, Anatomy 2, Body Insight 3.


Sports Massage


Knowledge of preventative techniques for potential sports injuries gives you a competitive advantage in the field. You will learn the importance of pre and post event massage, flushing, and deep tissue neuromuscular techniques in the promotion of quick recovery from injuries. Additional topics covered: anatomical and pathological syndromes and conditions, multidirectional cross fiber muscle work, deep fascial release, and treatment protocols.
Prerequisites: Massage 2


Anatomy 1


We teach Anatomy from a functional viewpoint, helping you understand how tissues work together to support the body’s performance and what happens when disease or injury creates dysfunction. This course gives the student an understanding of human musculoskeletal anatomy in a fun and experiential way using hands-on tools like Maniken® clay models and involves palpation of muscles and bony landmarks. It is designed in easy understandable sections that directly relate to our massage and bodywork classes.
Prerequisites: None
“A very understandable and enjoyable method as far as introducing (Anatomy). Totally non threatening method of learning.” – J. Vukodinovich, MT


Anatomy 2


This course will build on the learning’s received in the introductory Anatomy 1 course to assist you in mastering the field of massage and bodywork. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the structure, function, movement, & mechanical relationships of muscles, bones & connective tissue, and the pathology of common neuromuscular conditions.
Prerequisite: Anatomy 1


Physiology 1


This class covers the functions of four of the primary tissues of the body: skin, nervous, muscle, and connective. Massage therapists need to understand the physiology of touch and what is happening in the client’s body when it is being massaged and manipulated. Students will explore how the nervous system responds to touch and the effects of stress and stress relief. In addition, you will learn how muscles contract and relax, the role connective tissue plays in every area of the body, and why massage is indicated or contraindicated in certain conditions.
Prerequisites: None“Anatomy and Physiology (classes) were life changing. Very smooth and easy. I can’t believe all that I learned in 7 months ” – J. Kraemer, RMT


Physiology 2


This class covers the functions of seven of the primary systems of the body. Systems focused on: skeletal, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, urinary, endocrine, and reproductive. Students will build on the functional understanding they gained in Physiology 1. This will enable them to make informed judgments about the most appropriate course of bodywork treatment for each client and enhance their confidence when speaking with health care professionals.
Prerequisite: Physiology 1




Students will learn how metabolic disorders, degenerative conditions and aging affect systems of the body. Focus will be on recognizing the signs and symptoms of disease and their contraindications. We will cover pathology of the 10 major systems of the body: musculo-skeletal, nervous, immune, integumentary, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, urinary, endocrine, and reproductive. Students will research and prepare presentations of chosen pathologies. This will enable them to make informed judgments about treatment for each client, to recognize when the issue is beyond their scope of practice and to enhance their confidence when speaking with health care professionals when the need arises.
Prerequisite: Physiology 1


Business Development


Whether you plan to develop a private practice or to work for others, we help you discover how to create a successful massage or bodywork business that fits your life. You will learn how to market the benefits of your work, develop a business plan, keep proper books, receipts and tax records, tax deduction advantages of being self-employed, how to bill insurance companies, and an array of advertising, presentation, and self-promotion techniques. In addition, we teach the skills and techniques necessary to gain employment.
Prerequisite: Massage 1“The training and tools that I received at HAI enabled me to gain employment right away.” -C. Sharane, RMT


Body Insight™ Level 1


Only the Healing Arts Institute offers this unique method. The deep soft tissue manipulation of the Body Insight™ Method releases long held patterns of tension, trauma, and emotion. It is a style designed to effect change within postural imbalance, injury, and coordination difficulties. Its integrated BodyMind™ approach demonstrates how symptoms often mask the underlying reasons for pain and disease. This course focuses on neuromuscular soft tissue manipulation, physiology and pathologies of the upper body. Included are assessment techniques, postural observation and proper manipulation to rebalance the body and reorganize muscle function.
Prerequisites: Massage 1, Anatomy 2; or Concurrent Attendance.“Body Insight™ brings a whole new understanding to your body. When I share this with my clients, it’s like a light bulb turns on in their heads”
– A. Euresti, MT


Body Insight™ Level 2


This course continues to build on the basic skills offered in Body Insight™ 1. Students will learn neuromuscular soft-tissue bodywork that focuses on the lower body and develop sessions that integrate massage with the breakthrough Body Insight™ method.
Prerequisite: Body Insight™ 1


Body Insight™ Level 3


This course offers advanced session formats using the Body Insight™ method to help you clarify and focus on client needs. Specific anatomy, physiology, pathology and intervention techniques are taught to correct common musculoskeletal postural dysfunction. It combines communication skills and bodywork, improving your ability to understand the underlying pathological factors that are involved in health and disease. Methods demonstrated help you create treatment plans utilizing a systematic approach of assessment, manipulation, stretching and exercise
Prerequisite: Body Insight™ 2“I’m very interested in the Body Insight™ work, especially the excellent dialogue techniques.”
– P. Curtis, MT



This course covers professional rules and ethical conduct required in the scope of practice of a massage therapist. Achieving success as a massage therapist is largely dependent on the practitioner’s professional ethics and the ability to develop and maintain therapeutic relationships. We will review the components of ethics, ethical dilemmas, and the responsibilities that the therapist needs to observe in all professional interactions with clients. This course also covers ethical rapport development by honoring individual learning styles, fosters customer service and helps you develop skills that encourage open communication and trust in a therapeutic relationship.
Prerequisite: None


Abhyanga Massage


This hot oil massage increases circulation, tones muscles and results in softer, smoother skin. It induces a deep relaxation response that is very calming for the nerves. Abhyanga is highly regarded by Spas because it promotes increased levels of stamina, mental alertness and deeper sleep at night. We introduce you to Ayurvedic medicine, a system of health that stresses a balance of three elemental energies vata, pitta and kapha. When they are in balanced state, the body is healthy. When imbalanced, the body expresses disease.
Prerequisite: Massage 2


Structural Kinesiology


This course is designed to assist you in finding the hidden patterns that cause pain and dysfunction. Students will learn muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology) for the major muscles in the body and a method to unmask whole body compensation. Common movement limitations will be discussed along with their compensation patterns and the chain of involved reactive muscles and joints. Methods demonstrated help you create treatment plans utilizing a systematic approach of assessment, application, and exercise. Active and passive testing will be demonstrated to identify whether an injury is in the muscle, ligament or joint capsule.
Prerequisite: Body Insight™ Level 3


Student Clinic


Students receive supervised guidance and practice in a clinical setting working with the general public. Instruction will be given on charting, intake, clinical procedures and client therapist relationships. Enhances confidence levels in dealing with the varied types of situations that arise in a massage practice.
Prerequisites: HAI Orientation, Massage 1&2, Movement and Body Awareness, Anatomy 1&2, Body Insight™ 1&2, Physiology 1, Business Development & Student Clinic Orientation.


Total: 600