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HAI Massage School Reviews

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Google Reviews

Krista Olson
Quality Excellent: I had the opportunity to attend HAI after I had attended another school in town about 3 years prior. The education I got at HAI was on a completely different level from the initial school. I recognized that I needed to improve upon my skills and got body work from another therapist in town, she was doing work that I had never seen or felt before. So, I asked her where she learned all these amazing techniques and she told me from the Healing Arts Institute. I am so thankful for the training I received and the work I now use on all my clients.
Jen Letham
Overall Excellent: I researched several schools before deciding on HAI. One of the things that stood out for me with HAI was that several people I had spoken to said, “The best massage I have ever received has been from and HAI graduate”. That spoke volumes to me. I was immediately struck by the supportive nature of the office staff and directors at HAI during my interview and as a student. They are committed to not only teaching you how to be the best Massage Therapist you can be, but to assist you in meeting your goals as a student and as a graduate. The teaching quality of the instructors is excellent. I found the instructors to be sincere, knowledgeable and experienced. They make it their goal to not only instruct you on the materials but to impart thinking and problem solving from an ‘outside the box’ perspective to give your clients the most beneficial experience possible. I will always appreciate my time with HAI.
Zachary Meiu
Overall Excellent: I have nothing but praises for The Healing Arts Institute (HAI). I went to school there back in 2001 and went on to open multiple massage therapy clinics in Colorado and Delaware. The tools I learned at HAI in both therapy with their Body Insight technique and in business has been an absolute blessing. If you are looking for a massage therapy school in Colorado I can’t say enough about HAI. I’ve had the opportunity to take educational courses at HAI and other schools in Colorado and I keep being pulled back to HAI, they just seem to have better educational strategies for me personally. I highly recommend checking them out if you are serious about going to school for massage and receiving the absolute best education you can.

Yelp Reviews

Dave C. Loveland, CO
I have gone several times and have been happy every time. This is not a spa but a economical way to get a massage. It was clean and professional and I felt comfortable the whole time. Everyone was friendly and inviting.

I look forward to going back again.

Nick S. Fort Collins, CO
I was one of those people who would get a massage at one place, and being disappointed, hit up the next place. This is the place I go now, and where I plan on staying. I see Catherine and she is amazing. little gal that packs a bunch. Tell her your shoulders hurt or hip or neck or whatever and she will work that area out. She is super nice and great at her job. I need to see her more often, but I work nights so my schedule and hers doesn’t always meet up. ;-( If you have been disappointed in your massages as of late, come see this gal and I would be willing to bet that she will win your heart as well. also it is $40 for a massage, not a bad price at all.

Healing Arts Institute