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A letter from the owner of Healing Arts Institute Massage School, Gary Salinger…

Thanks for your interest in our school.

People ask me how I ended up owning a massage school.

It is probably because of the personal benefits I received from massage and bodywork. You see, I was diagnosed with a spinal condition called scoliosis at age 14. I didn’t like the options of braces or surgery, so I sought out answers. This path of discovery led me to methods that worked so well and easily with me that I was inspired to offer them to people from all walks of life so that they could benefit too.

I developed the method called Body Insight™. I took the skills that benefited me the most and refined them into a bodywork method that combines deep tissue therapy, active movement and active awareness. The result is a method that changes posture, re-educates movement limitations and motivates clients to take responsibility for their health.

I remembered that when I was going through my changes, it took good people skills from the people working with me to help me recognize my part in my problem, such as, my negative attitude about my body and my unconscious acceptance that I was stuck with my problem. They taught me how to overcome my limitations and motivated me to actively participate in my health.

I took this to heart when I developed this school. We teach students at the Healing Arts Institute how to motivate others by using good people skills. By building trust, we create the foundation for successful therapy and the development of thriving practices for our graduates.

We teach students how to compete in the world of modern massage. They learn the skills and benefits of classic relaxation massage and are trained to meet the needs and expectations of clients today, who want a therapist who cannot only help them relax, but is also competent in dealing with aches, pains and injuries.

It is important to me that you choose the correct massage school for you. I hope that my philosophy aligns with yours.

Join us. I believe by choosing us, you will be on your way to an enjoyable school experience and career.

+Gary Salinger


To inspire effective, successful, and caring professionals who have developed the confidence to learn and grow from the diverse, experiential education we offer in the healing arts.