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HAI offers a fine selection of massage school classes for people interested in different careers in the healing arts and also for those who are seeking personal fulfillment.

Reflexology is the science and therapeutic art of working specific reflex pathways on the feet, hands, and ears. The stimulation of these pathways using thumb, finger and hand techniques encourages relaxation, stress reduction, and promotes the opportunity for physiological changes to manifest in the body. Reflexology is rooted in ancient traditions that are amazingly appropriate for the modern world.

Individual Class Offerings

Aromatherapy Blending 1
Create your own aromatherapy blends! Barb will show you how to blend essential oils for your own special needs such as, creating a comfortable environment, relieving stress, or alleviating symptoms.

Aromatherapy Blending 2
This class will teach you about the properties of carrier oils and essential oils, how to use them, and how to blend them for the best results. Make your own blends in this hands-on class. Learn about the many physical, mental & emotional applications of essential oils.

Five Phases of Chinese Medicine
5 element theory is at the core of Chinese medicine. If the phases are in harmony and balance, one expresses radiant health. This course will cover basic theory, a self assessment test of your personality and physical symptoms. In addition you will learn accupressure balancing, moxibustion, and internal exercise.

Classes for the Public
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Public Classes are Approved by the Colorado Division of Private Occupational Schools.
Not Approved by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools.