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About Healing Arts Institute – A Massage Therapy School In Colorado


Healing Arts Institute is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. The town offers outdoor recreation that never ends, a perfect climate, ambiance, art and entertainment, dining and shopping galore, all in a community that welcomes everyone. Healing Arts fits right into this fun town.

Since 1991, the Healing Arts Institute (HAI) has offered state-approved Colorado massage therapy school programs designed to fit any lifestyle, providing day and evening classes, convenient schedules, flexible payment options, dynamic, imaginative and experiential teaching styles, and the opportunity to achieve a rewarding career doing what you truly want to do, with a lifestyle that is flexible and fun.

At our massage school in Colorado, we teach you how to compete in the world of modern massage. You learn the skills and benefits of classic relaxation massage and are trained to meet the needs and expectations of clients today, who wants a therapist who cannot only help them relax, but is also competent in dealing with aches, pains and injuries.

We teach students at the Healing Arts Institute how to motivate others by using good people skills. By building trust, we create the foundation for successful therapy and the development of thriving practices for our graduates.

HAI is Different than Other Massage Therapy Schools in Colorado

We help you understand how you learn and embody information. Our classes are designed multi-dimensionally to work with all learning styles. Anatomy is taught using more than just lecture and visual aides. We have you touch and palpate muscles on yourself and on fellow students so you can feel how it actually works. We have you use clay to create muscles and “sculpture” the human body. In this way you gain a deeper understanding of how muscles attach to bones and how they function together to move bones and joints.

We Know the Tricks of the Trade

We help you discover your hidden talents and abilities by teaching you how to focus your intention and healing energy. You will learn to recognize the subtle nuances that clients express when they are stressed and in pain. Many of your future clients will be amazed at how quickly your hands will go directly to where they are tense and how quickly you are able to relieve their aches and pains.

Gives us a call (970-223-9741) and set up a time to visit. We are confident that when you experience our comfortable and relaxed learning environment you will feel that this is the right place for you.

Comments from our Students

“HAI is very accepting of each individual as they are and is able to bring out each person’s unique style and abilities.”

“Feels like family!”

“Regardless of your circumstances, this school sets you up for success.”